The European Urban Agenda and the Amsterdam pact

The Challenge

– The new EU Urban Agenda is launched by the Pact of Amsterdam

According to this policy, cities should play a larger role in European Union policymaking. It is a new working method to come to better regulation, better funding and better knowledge of the urban reality. The European Urban Agenda should ensure maximum utilization of the growth potential of cities and to successfully tackle social challenges.

It also should promote cooperation between Member States, cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders, in order to stimulate growth, liveability and innovation in the cities of Europe.

The AEMC-network position

AEMC defends  the position of the economic world in the new European Urban Agenda, and demand   constant improvement of EU regulation, transparent access to financing, sharing of knowledge about the urban development and cooperation between European metropolitan areas.

European urban agenda
Urbact: integrated urban development