Metropolitan regions, driving force of European economy

Members of the AEMC take initiatives to promote metropolitan regions as a driving force of the European economy, ie to promote initiatives to improve competitiveness and increase economic activity in trade, industry and services. They also promote tourism, culture and education, and develop initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation for smart cities, employment and circular economy.

Good functioning Metropolises

Members of the AEMC call for good functioning metropolises; this includes reducing urban congestion, improving mobility and accessibility, a modern logistics organization, affordable housing and real estate markets, ICT infrastructure and applications, energy supply and energy consumption and the importance of social welfare.

Optimal political organization

The members of the AEMC also advocate optimal political organization of the major urban areas, representing actions relating to governance, urban planning, monitoring of the European urban agenda, the Amsterdam Pact and the link with the world metropolitan network.