What is AEMC


AEMC is an Alliance of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of 15 major metropolitan areas in Europe, including Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Luxemburg, Manchester, Madrid, Marseille, Paris and Turin. 

The 15 metropolitan areas represent a population of 68 million citizens, about 40 million jobs and an added value of 2,400 billion euros.

AEMC and his members have a comprehensive understanding of the effects of urban policies on SME and a useful grass roots knowledge of business needs.

AEMC represents a large diversity of companies, SMEs and bigger firms, from different economic sectors, located in various metropolitan territories (urban dense areas and remote areas) throughout Europe.

The CCI- members are stakeholders of urban policies at different levels which collaborate with various parts of governments and has a trans-European approach.


Objectives of AEMC

> The Alliance advocates the views, needs and expectations of economic players in metropolitan areas
> The Alliance defends a broad vision of the economic and social importance of economically performing metropolitan areas – central cities and their surrounding suburbs being considered as a coherent whole.
> The Alliance stimulates, inter alia, the dialogue between economic actors and European institutions on the economic importance of metropolitan regions.
> The Alliances AEMC offers the wide experience of their members on the challenges, typical of the metropolitan regions.


Originally, the network was launched in 1993 as the “European metropolitan CCI network” by 5 chambers: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milano, Madrid and Paris. They organized regular meetings that where pure informal.
In 2015, the club decided to create an association as an international non-profit organization per the Belgian law. AEMC is based in Brussels.
The members of AEMC – European Metropolitan Chambers of Commerce and Industry – represent 22% of the total European PIB, 1/5 of the total European inhabitants and 1/5 of European jobs.
AEMC accept also organizations or natural persons, who are particularly able to help the association to achieve its goals, as associate members.

Our activities.

The CCI network meets every semester to exchange know-how and analysis about European Metropolitan issues, identification of obstacles and stimuli to economic development and impacts on local companies.
It includes in its work international actors such as the UITP International Public Transport Unions, the US think tank Brookings Institute in Washington and other experts.
It has created related working groups (e.g. digital services for SME) and has raised awareness on the EU institutions about Metropolitan regions (DG Regio, the French Rep, CoR and EcoSoc).